Our Medicine is a feature documentary that follows the parents of sick kids who confront their own deeply held traditional values to circumvent big pharma so they may acquire the only treatment that allows their children live more normal lives - cannabis.


However, as cannabis legalization expands in the US, so too does the urgency for research, standardization and broad access to safe, regulated medical marijuana products. But until federal regulation works in tandem with cannabis reform, desperate parents continue to break the law to help their children.


Our Medicine has exclusive access to the lawyers suing the U.S. Government to free up marijuana for legitimate medical research. Filming for over three years, we follow the lawsuit, its plaintiffs and three families on the journey to healing.




Our Medicine is directed by emerging Canadian filmmaker Ilka de Laat who previously worked in the independent documentary unit at CBC-TV.



Our Medicine is executive produced by New York-based editor Amy Peters who won an Emmy Award in 2018 for her work on Queer Eye.


Contact: ilka@walkpictures.com







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