A Busy Time

What a busy past six months. We edited together a ten minute funding trailer which we launched at a local fundraiser in NYC in April. The money we raised from that was used to bring Ilka and Our Medicine to the Hot Docs conference in Toronto in May. There Ilka met with broadcasters, distributers and sales agents who expressed strong interest in Our Medicine. The word is out! This film is happening!

During the summer we filmed in Staten Island, N.Y. with the Jennerich family, and followed the Bortells to Forth Worth, TX where the family spent a brief 6 hours on the ground. Why? Because Alexis is not allowed to cross state borders with her medicine. Alexis wowed the crowd with a rousing speech at the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo.

A second fundraising party held in Wakefield, QC (Ilka's home stomping grounds) yielded the funds to hire a new consultancy firm Feedback Loop Films. Their expert commentary has been invaluable to us in shaping the content and story of Our Medicine.

We also gained the support of the Independent Documentary Organization (IDA) in the form of fiscal sponsor. This means that any U.S. dollar donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Yesterday, Ilka had great meetings at the IFP Conference in Brooklyn. Most notably with Vimeo - they are very much looking forward to seeing more of Our Medicine.

So what does this all mean? We know that there is a huge audience for our film. We know distributers are going to scramble for it. We know that audiences around the world will see Our Medicine. Now we just have to finish filming the darn thing. So stay tuned: our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign will launch later this Fall!

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